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Shipping Charge Policy
Our shopping cart works on a cost product basis, and charges your order automatically based upon the cost of the order, the higher the cost the higher the shipping charge. We will ship your order the most economic way possible including over night. Sometimes what the shopping cart has charged is more then the actual cost that difference will not be refunded and is not refundable.

Billing Policy
We will charge your credit card when you place your order to ensure your place in shipping as well as determining which orders are valid. Charges to your credit card will appear as " Vicale"

Return and Refund Policy (in-stock product line)
Returns are subject to a 40% restocking and processing charge for merchandise only. Returns not received by 30 days of original ship date are not refundable. Shipping charges are not refundable. If package is returned because of incorrect shipping address or inability to deliver, we will have to bill you for any shipping charges that we may incur.

Custom Action Figure Payment and Return Refund Policy

Starting May 1st 2010 all when placing your order you will get a order form for 50% of the total order, the final 50% of your order will be charged from our main office upon your approval of the sculpt. 

Overseas orders will be charged 100% when you start the project and is not refundable once the project starts, you will be involved in the project and asked to approved or advise about the head sculpture.

Super Custom Action Figures will be billed 100% of the order. A Super Custom Action Figure is any custom that also has any article of custom clothing, custom accessory, custom outfit, custom shoe anything is above and beyond what is our standard custom action figure.

Due to the manner hours of labor required to create your custom sculpt we will not refund any payments for custom action figures for any reason. If we start your project and finish the sculpts and you are unreachable, we will try Make contact if you do not respond and /or  if you decide for any reason that the project is off but we have finished your sculpt we will charge your credit card for the remainder of the funds and we will process your order forward. Your Custom Products will be shipped USPS from ground to express, whatever is needed for your timeline. We ship worldwide and at this time I would like to thank you for shopping at the best and most respected and largest Custom Products  company in the US.

Return and Refund Policy for Prototype Development and Sample Development of all products, Including, Plush and Stuffed dolls, Bendy Plush Dolls, Bean Type Plush Dolls, Custom Action Figures, Custom Candy Dispensers and or Production Development Design of a product or Product line and product orders. Full payment is required at the start of the project and we have a strict no refund policy on any and all custom products. If you at anytime during the process you stop your project whatever funds are paid are NOT REFUNDABLE. Due to the manner hours of labor required to create your custom we cannot refund any payments.

3rd Party processors and Refund Policy

You must have an RMA number in order to return a product. IF you do not have and RMA number and you send back a product we cannot issue a refund. There is a strict no return and no refund policy at for product purchased with a 3rd party processors like Google Check out, Card Accept, World Pay, Paypal etc.

Customer Service TEL: 203.888.0147

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